WordPress December in short:

On December 4th, Matt Mullenweg, founder of WordPress, announced the release of version 5.0 on December 6th, only 2 days later. The 5.0 release was all about the new Gutenberg editor and the race of developers to make their sites, themes and plug-ins compatible with this new editing experience.

In the run-up to the 5.0 release, the public opinion was not all positive. But that is to be expected with a big change like this. Never the less at the time of writing the new WordPress version has more than 16.7 million downloads and counting.

We will have to see if Gutenberg will be just as popular as the classic editor. But I can not wait to get my hands dirty and see what Gutenberg can do in the wild.

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I noticed a lot of weekly and mothly recap articles lately, but have not yet found one on WordPress. So i thought it would be an intresting project to start on myself. If nothing else it’s a fun way to keep myself informed! I’m totaly new to this whole writting thing so if you have any suggestions for improvement please do let me know! You can get in touch via Twitter: Vanaf1979

Wishing you a healthy and loving 2019.